Building and operating an electric society with competence, technology and energy (zeal).

Electric power

We plan, build and operate electrical high and low voltage systems. This includes the construction, operation and maintenance of transformer substations, lines and cables at voltage levels up to and including 420 kV.

We also provide operation and maintenance services. We are on call and on duty whenever something goes wrong. We have repeatedly proven our ability to handle situations with major fallouts due to extreme weather conditions or natural disasters.

We work all over Norway, but we consider Southern Norway our stronghold.


We plan, build and operate complete electrical infrastructure for roads, tunnels and railways.

Smarter roads are safer roads. Otera helps develop and build state-of-the-art roads and rails with technical solutions designed to protect human lives. Otera offers security solutions that promotes a good environment, safety and cost-efficiency.

Otera designs, supplies, assembles and maintains all types of lighting systems. We also provide infrastructure such as cameras, fiber communication to operational centres, climate stations and gas detection. This enhances road safety and socio-economic profitability.


Otera is a company in which employees should be as healthy when they go home, as they were when they came to work. Our HSE slogan Every Employee Safe Home underlines this. We cannot accept that our employees are injured while at work.
A job should always be performed in an efficient and profitable manner, but this is always trumped by safety. Otera strives to ensure that employees think preventive safety in all their work tasks.

About Otera

Otera is a privately-owned infrastructure company with more than 400 everyday heroes, who build and operate an electric society with competence, technology and energy.

We have access to the most advanced technological solutions and are equipped to handle large, complex projects. At the same time, we are a flexible organization with committed employees focused on finding good solutions.

Efficient utilization of electrical energy is one of the most important driving forces in the development of a society. Otera’s core business is to connect the society to power sources. We design, assemble, control, maintain and repair power systems in a variety of demanding public and private enterprise projects.

Otera takes responsibility for electrical infrastructure for power generation and transport. We build and operate high voltage and low voltage systems and provide power for roads, rails and air traffic systems throughout Norway. Whether it is utilizing renewable power sources, such as wind or water, or infrastructure is automated or coupled with advanced computer technology, Otera ensures that the electricity flows as it should.

Our Organisation

Otera AS is headquartered in Grimstad. The parent company comprises two subsidiaries; Otera Infra with headquarters in Kristiansand and Otera Traftec with headquarters in Froland.

The companies have offices in Trondheim, Bergen, Haugesund, Sandnes, Flekkefjord, Lyngdal, Mandal, Evje, Valle, Åmli, Grimstad, Froland, Skien, Porsgrunn, Drammen, Langhus and Hamar.

Otera AS is owned by Roadworks (80.5 per cent) and Agder Energi (19.5 per cent).

Corporate responsibility

Otera is an important supplier in an industry critical for everyday life. We are environmentally conscious and concerned with competence, health and safety. We create profitable jobs with significant ripple effects, and we have a high ethical standard.

Our core business is per definition to build communities. A part of our DNA is to take responsibility for the society we contribute to build.


Aslak Andersen

Daglig leder
Otera Infra

Øystein Stebekk

Daglig leder
Otera Traftec
Otera Traftec AS

Bjørumsvegen 27
4820 Froland

Otera Infra AS

Stemmane 4C
4636 Kristiansand